About me

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I’m a freelance writer and researcher with a passion for all things travel and food.

When I discovered a dusty box of school books in my mum’s loft and read the elaborate workings of my nine-year old mind, I realised these healthy obsessions began at a young age. Leafing through the stories I had written, it was evident that travelling or food featured in every plotline. My favourite adventure has to be the day I saved a hijacked plane whilst eating a jam sandwich. It seems even pending disaster could not come between me and my lunch.

Then, when I had some of my recipes published in the best-selling cookbook, Cook Yourself Thin, there was no stopping me.

With every new destination came inspiration, not just for recipes but everything in life.

Ten years on and I’m a mum of two girls, so now when I travel, I do so with the planning and skill of a covert operation.  I understand the trepidation of aeroplane tantrums and what it feels like to travel like a pack horse.

Having said that, it’s also about balance. So, when it’s time to indulge, I like to get it right first time whether that be a holiday or a hamburger.

I hope you enjoy reading my ramblings as much as I enjoy writing them.

Emma x